Food Intolerances

with the ALCAT cell reaction test


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Food & chemical sensitivity

The immune cell as an indicator of an inflammatory reaction: The primary focus of our laboratory is the determination of nutritional factors that can influence immune balance, fitness and health – on a functional cellular level.

The Alcat Test is based on the principle that chronic inflammation is maintained in the body when immune cells respond with defence reactions to daily nutritional components. The quality of food is of course essential, but individual tolerance is equally critical. Food sensitivity testing is used as a nutritional therapy to improve chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmunity – as well as for prevention and for the optimization of health, fitness, and individual well-being.

blank“Usually, neither the patients nor their physicians have suspected food allergy as the root of their problem because most food allergy, by its very nature, is masked and hidden. It is hidden from the patient, hidden from his or her family, and hidden from the medical profession in general.[…] In the case of food allergy, the source of the problem is literally in front of you, in the form of some commonly eaten substance that is bringing on and perpetuating chronic symptoms“

 *Please note that Dr. Theron Randolph (1906-1995 – Allergist and pioneer of food and chemical hypersensitivity) referred to as, “food allergies” we now call food sensitivities, or, intolerances. 

Personalized diet

Each person has individual nutritional and dietary needs. Without adequate nutrition, health and well-being are hardly possible. The Alcat nutrition concept is not about substitution, but about the equally important question of which foods or additives are potentially harmful for a person.

Independent studies of universities, e.g. Yale School of Medicine, University of Northern Illinois, Baylor Medical College and University of Pavia, support the effectiveness of the Alcat Test and that the direct cell defense is a scientifically substantiated way to explore immunologically complex and often time-delayed sensitivities.

Summary laboratory services

Alcat = Leukocyte Activation Test

The Alcat blood test measures changes in immune cells associated with their activation (potentially pro-inflammatory immune cell reactions when confronted with food substances)

Personalized dietary change

Patients receive an individual diet concept based on the laboratory data to avoid potentially inflammation-promoting nutritional influences

Large selection of test panels and combinations

In addition to up to 250 foods, we offer comprehensive and flexible basic and advanced test modules with a total of up to 500 test substances (additives, drugs, molds, biogenic amines, medicinal herbs that may be used in supplements)


The Alcat Test is validated by independent double-blind clinical and analytical studies

Committed to quality

Guaranteed organic food antigens, production under strict cGMP and FDA requirements

Prevention, fitness, inflammation driven symptoms

Intestinal & skin symptoms, obesity, diabetes II, cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver, arthritis, headaches, chronic fatigue, etc. may correlate with chronic inflammation and an overactivated immune system

Lebensmittelunverträglichkeit testen mit Alcat

Validated at institutions such as Yale School of Medicine:

„The Alcat Test is precise and effective“

Prof. Dr. W. Z. Mehal, Yale School of Medicine; Prof. of Medicine (Digestive Diseases); Director of  Yale Weight Loss Program; Director of Yale Fatty Liver Disease Program


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+++ Disclaimer +++

The Alcat Test is to be understood as a nutritional concept and health consultation of complementary nutritional therapy and is NOT a disease diagnosis or healing method. Nutrition alone is NOT a substitute for careful diagnosis and medical care in case of illness.

The Alcat Test should therefore be carried out in consultation with a healthcare professional in the case of a pre-existing illness. This practitioner can integrate the Alcat Test into the treatment plan in an integrative and compatible manner. However, a healthy diet according to the Alcat principle can easily be used for prevention.

We emphasize that the Alcat Test does NOT measure parameters of the specific immune system, i.e. no antibody levels are measured and it is not an LTT /lymphocyte transformation test, but cell-mediated food-related hypersensitivities are examined, which are mainly mediated by the innate immune system.

Thus, the Alcat Test does NOT diagnose food allergies (type 1/IgE – allergies have to be avoided!) and NO enzymatically caused intolerances to e.g. lactose, fructose or histamine.

It is possible that the innate immune system may be activated at the same time despite existing classical allergy or intolerance and therefore does not exclude cell-mediated pro-inflammatory reactivity as measured by the Alcat Test.

The Alcat Test is NOT an IgG test – we explicitly distance ourselves from antibody tests of IgG class(es).