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Results overview

Your patients will receive a premium test results package including patient friendly tools to support diet and habit changes. The Alcat eating programme will only contain the “safe” foods. You or your patients can take advantage of a free educational tele-session with a nutrition advisor. 

Easy to understand & patient friendly

Alcat food/chemical sensitivity results report

Intolerant foods and other substances are presented in and easy to understand colour coded scheme according to the reaction strength: “red”, “orange” or “yellow”. Substances with strong reactions should be for a period of 3-6 months. The food selection is based on the “safe” foods (green).

Foods to avoid list

All foods that have tested positive are listed here with an explanation of where they might be hidden in the daily diet

Rotation schedule

In order to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet, a 4-day rotation plan is drawn up on the basis of compatible foods. This diet should relieve the immune system and prevent new sensitisation.

Handbook /Guidance notes

In order to support you in integrating the dietary change into your daily life, a high-quality guide booklet with extensive information is part of the results package.

Encyclopaedia of test items

All substances of the advanced (add-on) test profiles (chem, phyto, mould and Biogenic amine profiles) are explained clearly in a small lexicon. This way you do not have to spend time and effort to find out where a substance can be found and how it might affect your body.



Interpretation Alcat lab results

Watch the video to quickly learn about the laboratory results. If you have any questions about your test results, please contact us.

Patient compliance 

The aim of the Alcat based eating plan is to promote the immune balance and to prevent an over-activation of the immune system and its associated consequences.

Unburden the cellular immune system: The enclosed results guide contains comprehensive information on how to implement the test results and how nutrition affects the body and psyche: 

  • Test result interpretation
  • Differentiation intolerance, allergy, intolerance
  • Test reports food sensitivity and  advanced profile 
  • Guide to rotational diet
  • Dealing with lifestyle issues: the power of habits, special diets, holidays/parties/eating out, stimulants (alcohol, coffee, sweets, etc.), recipe construction kits, etc.


Personal attention and education

Our test results package is designed to promote patient compliance and to help improve well-being, vitality and health. our support materials have been created with the collaboration of experts in various fields and are based on more than 30 years of experience. Many practices do not have the capacity to deal with patient questions related to the issues of dietary change and lifestyle. Fill this gap! You or your patient are welcome to take advantage of our free 30-minute test consultation.


Science based test food sensitivity reports

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