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The German laboratory has been merged with the principal US laboratory and is closed.

We hereby inform you that your enquiries will be forwarded to our US colleagues.

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More than just a lab test


Every blood sample counts – because behind each sender is a unique person. 

This is the motto of our diligent team of expert advisors, nutritionists and our experienced laboratory staff: every blood sample is processed with full dedication.

Since our establishment, we have maintained high quality standards that exceed current regulations. In particular, a high standard of hygiene and functional precision is our priority. 


Independent scientific research and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) enable you – for the benefit of your patients – to take advantage of the “Alcat Technology”.

Innovation: In 2020, the NEW Cellular Nutrition Assays were introduced to the market. Further assays are in development, see below.

Ethics, trust, mutual respect and respect with regard to resources & environment, empathy and an inner thirst for quality with regard to our customers and partners govern all our dealings.


Flagship ALCAT since 1986

The Alcat Test has been clinically validated by independent university studies. It shows a high efficiency in prevention and in patients suffering from inflammatory diseases and a chronically activated immune system. By avoiding inflammatory cell reactions, energy and vitality are often improved. Thus, the test is successfully used by numerous professional athletes and celebrities.

The cellular Alcat Test and the new Cellular Nutrition Assays are adapted to individual requirements, i.e. to how the immune cells react to the addition of a single test substance: Diet and supplements can thus be tailored precisely to individual needs.

Continuous R&D

Research & Development: The Alcat Test is supported by double-blind studies conducted by independent universities such as Yale School of Medicine, University of N. Illinois, Pavia and Camarino universities, the Baylor Medical College, and others. About 45 research papers are documented in the Scientific Dossier. Current studies:

– 2018-2020: Cellular defense mechanisms and released mitochondrial and nuclear DNA in Alcat reactions (Research Group Germany/USA)

– 2020-2022: Double-blind study on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Israel Research Group)

– INNOVATION – New in development: Biomarkers for the assessment of metabolic, autoimmune and cardiac disease risks

Food & chemical sensitivity

Alcat Test for food intolerance & chemical sensitivity: Cellular measurement of direct defense reactions of immune cells (inflammation triggers) caused by foods, additives, colourings, pharmaceutical agents, medicinal herbs (phytopharmaceuticals), moulds, and others.

With almost 500 test substances, the Alcat Test offers a very comprehensive range of test panels.

Micronutrient /Antioxidant Protection

Bioactive cell metabolism tests to investigate nutrient insufficiencies, individually protective antioxidants and the patient-specific antioxidative capacity. Unlike serum testing, the measurement of intracellular needs is considered to reflect a long-term nutrition status.

Nutrition and/or dietary supplements can be tailored to suit the unique needs of a person.

Lifestyle genetics & GI-risk marker

Methyl Detox Profile: Testing of genetic changes in the methylation pathway; Including nutritional recommendations to optimize detoxification, metabolic pathways and hormone balance functions when appropriate

CICA: Celiac, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s disease Array; Panel to assess GI risk and GI status using genetic, cellular and serological (antibody) markers

Telomere length test: Telomere length is considered an indicator of “biological aging” – shortened telomeres are associated with aging diseases and are negatively influenced by chronic inflammation

Focus on nutrition: The Cell Science Systems laboratory tests

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